1070 Commits (master)

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Randy 2fc55f6793
chore: add CIFuzz integration (#437) 3 days ago
Tony Langhammer c7025b093a
chore: ignore all .dylib files (#628) 3 days ago
10km e7ebe77ebf
fix: 'cjson_utils-static' target not exist(#625) 4 days ago
Andy 61eb84d991
add an option for ENABLE_CJSON_VERSION_SO in CMakeLists.txt (#534) 4 days ago
AlexanderVasiljev d321fa9e6e
fix: print int without decimal places (#630) 4 days ago
Alan Wang 203a0dec6f
chore: ignore *.lst/*.lss file (#623) 3 months ago
Joshua Arulsamy c77a688927
build: Bump cmake version and use new version syntax (#587) 3 months ago
Alan Wang e5dbaee131
docs: update comment (#622) 3 months ago
SuperHuan 189dcde644
fix: add cmake_policy to CMakeLists.txt (#613) 3 months ago
Sayan Bandyopadhyay b9eff8b02a
fix: for issue #569, now use the guard to turn it off (#617) 3 months ago
Alan Wang f50dafc7d0
fix: potential memory leak in merge_patch() (#611) 5 months ago
Alan Wang d348621ca9
chore: update version and changelog (#610) 5 months ago
Alan Wang 744e47353a
fix: remove redundant condition (#605) 5 months ago
Dimitri Papadopoulos Orfanos 7795249dd4
Typos found by codespell (#607) 5 months ago
CoffeeTableEspresso 324a6ac9a9
Update .gitattributes (#544) 1 year ago
Alan Wang 6ea4c01e4e
Fix potential core dumped for strrchr (#546) 1 year ago
Jordan IMBERT 9226e4ed8c
Remove always true condition in cJSON.c (#539) 1 year ago
Alan Wang 7b6645794d
Fix null pointer crash, closes #536 (#538) 1 year ago
Tim Gates 4100379a04
docs: fix simple typo, transfering -> transferring (#527) 1 year ago
mongobaba 2f6fc7f0f2
fix several null pointer problems on allocation failure (#526) 1 year ago
Alan Wang a1e1c208ff
Merge pull request #519 from Alanscut/issue-516 1 year ago
Alanscut 9bf4960cd5 fix a possible dereference of null pointer 1 year ago
Alan Wang 488169faca
Merge pull request #518 from fpnuseis/master 1 year ago
Use 9931900768 fix: windows build failure about defining nan 1 year ago
Alan Wang d2735278ed
Merge pull request #505 from Alanscut/release-1.7.14 1 year ago
Alanscut 8e84db4c4e Update changelog and contributors 1 year ago
Alanscut 8e357f825b Update version to 1.7.14 1 year ago
Alan Wang 2e5171d8d6
Merge pull request #503 from Alanscut/issue499 1 year ago
Alanscut c8ca78a3cc optimize the way to find tail node 1 year ago
Alan Wang 0b13220419
Merge pull request #502 from Alanscut/nan 1 year ago
Alanscut 23f027139e remove float-divide-by-zero for supporting NAN 1 year ago
Alan Wang 60c3b0a571
Merge pull request #501 from Alanscut/actions 1 year ago
Alanscut 857c037ccc add github actions CI 1 year ago
Alan Wang 3fb9d929e1
Merge pull request #484 from sappo/master 1 year ago
Alan Wang cf97c6f066
Merge pull request #485 from HuKeping/fix-git-archive 2 years ago
h00283522 1ef4deec06 Remove unnecessary files in release tarball 2 years ago
Kevin Sapper 4578d3a9e1 Problem: WError error on macosx because NAN is a float 2 years ago
Alanscut b95a4c56b0 fix #376 2 years ago
Alan Wang 7db005e028
Merge pull request #472 from Alanscut/parse-array 2 years ago
Alanscut 1fc755ac09 array's item should be in the list 2 years ago
Alan Wang a82449fa3e
Merge pull request #456 from miaoerduo/master 2 years ago
Alan Wang 2a6299d904
Merge pull request #469 from moorthy-bs/master 2 years ago
Alan Wang 43f471bff1
Merge pull request #465 from Summus-git/fix_make_install_config 2 years ago
Moorthy 7103844037 pkgconfig: cjson include dir added 2 years ago
Romain Lesteven 3442b36672 Fix make.sh install unwanted config files 2 years ago
miaoerduo cb4661cd91 fix: errors in replacing the first item when array_size is 1, and replacing the last item 2 years ago
miaoerduo a65abf2f4f fix: error list head's prev when detach the last item 2 years ago
miaoerduo 3999b12848 feat: set list head's prev in parse_array and parse_object 2 years ago
Alanscut 39853e5148 Update changelog 2 years ago
Alanscut ff0dabc72e Update version to 1.7.13 2 years ago