FFmpeg git repo

Updated 6 hours ago

dwm for Wayland

Updated 12 hours ago

suckless unix tools

Updated 19 hours ago

Command line video player

Updated 24 hours ago

simple terminal

Updated 1 day ago

dynamic menu

Updated 1 day ago

dynamic window manager

Updated 1 day ago

suckless linux base utils

Updated 1 day ago

DWM with patches for different devices.

Updated 2 weeks ago

OpenWRT branches i work with

Updated 2 months ago

Ultralightweight JSON parser in ANSI C

Updated 3 months ago

status monitor

Updated 3 months ago

Simple Terminal with a few patches

Updated 5 months ago

simple virtual keyboard

Updated 8 months ago

surf browser, a WebKit based browser

Updated 11 months ago

simple X display locker utility

Updated 12 months ago

Updated 1 year ago

Master repository for organizational purposes

Updated 2 years ago

My yearly (probably) AoC progress.

Updated 2 years ago

Small library to convert 8bit encoding to 7bit and put it in 128-255 range without losing information

Updated 2 years ago