simple terminal
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Hiltjo Posthuma eb3b894f40 Makefile: remove the options target
The Makefile used to suppress output (by using @), so this target made sense at
the time.

But the Makefile should be simple and make debugging with less abstractions or
fancy printing.  The Makefile was made verbose and doesn't hide the build
output, so remove this target.

Prompted by a question on the mailing list about the options target.
1 day ago
FAQ FAQ: document the color emojis crash issue which affected some systems is fixed 1 year ago
LEGACY LEGACY: typo. 11 years ago
LICENSE LICENSE: bump year 2 years ago
Makefile Makefile: remove the options target 1 day ago
README tic -s -> tic -sx (Treat unknown capabilities as user-defined.) 7 years ago
TODO Remove old TODO entry. 9 years ago
arg.h don't modify argv, use a counter 6 years ago
config.def.h Add support for OSC color sequences 2 years ago bump version to 0.9 12 months ago
st.1 Add support for scroll(1) 4 years ago
st.c Fix for wide character being incorrectly cleared on MODE_INSERT 3 months ago
st.h code-golfing: cleanup osc color related code 1 year ago Partially add back in "support REP (repeat) escape sequence" 3 years ago
win.h code-golfing: cleanup osc color related code 1 year ago
x.c fix buffer overflow when handling long composed input 11 months ago


st - simple terminal
st is a simple terminal emulator for X which sucks less.

In order to build st you need the Xlib header files.

Edit to match your local setup (st is installed into
the /usr/local namespace by default).

Afterwards enter the following command to build and install st (if
necessary as root):

    make clean install

Running st
If you did not install st with make clean install, you must compile
the st terminfo entry with the following command:

    tic -sx

See the man page for additional details.

Based on Aurélien APTEL <aurelien dot aptel at gmail dot com> bt source code.