Alex D. caskd
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  • 21, POSIX compliant sysadmin, zsh hacker and Go + C dev. Want to host repositories here? Contact me via mail (same nickname, root domain).

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Mail deduplicator written in zsh script

Updated 2 years ago

A simple script to deduplicate CSS colors with similar colors found in a stylesheet and merge them in variables.

Updated 2 years ago

Miscellaneous scripts for different things.

Updated 2 years ago

Management script to interact with Fritz! Web API

Updated 7 months ago

General package repo

Updated 12 months ago

My ZSH config

Updated 10 months ago

Replicate the behaviour of shadowplay with the help of hls multipart feature

Updated 3 years ago

Packages that i personally maintain or have adapted to my needs

Updated 2 years ago

Just a simple script to plot queue data from

Updated 3 years ago