My ZSH config
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My ZSH config

This is my daily driver for my shell, it's heavily customized and relies on a lot of ZSH features

It is enhanced by a few things which are submodules of this repo:

  • Powerlevel10k
  • zsh-autosuggestions
  • zsh-synthax-highlighting

Some custom prompts depend on these binaries in your path:

  • sqlite (if using the youtube RSS plugin [depends on newsboat cache database])
  • busctl (for dbus interactions)

While i do attempt to make this usable widely, don't rely on it. If you want to use this and have it work as you want it, it's expected that you can read manual pages and know at least a bit of shell scripting.

These variables should be set in your .zshenv or your profiles/environment files


This environment variable should be set to the root of your repository (usually ~/.config/zsh or ~/.zsh)


:custom:preferences prompt

Because font support detection is a bit complicated, the prompt variable in this zstyle allows you to manually toggle on a specific prompt (now only p9k is available)

:custom:prompts:mpv socket

This should be the location of the mpv socket that is available via the input-ipc-server. It will check if the socket exists, and if it does it will use it. NOTE: While this is fast, it has it's drawbacks. It currently relies on lots of assumptions and that should be understood. JSON parsing is done assuming that the title is a string and that the string has no special characters.

:custom:prompts:mail glob

This should be a glob pattern that would match any new mails. This works the best with the Mailbox format as every new mail is a file. mbox or spoolfiles may be supported in the distant future, but i don't plan to do that.