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Sakisafe (formerly lainsafe)

Simple file upload


  • Written in perl
  • Can be used as pastebin
  • Or as a URL shorter
  • Runs with CGI
  • Tor access ;)


  1. Configure your webserver to run CGI
  2. If running nginx, set client_max_body_size to the max size of the file
  3. There you go.


sakisafecli is the command line interface for sakisafe (and other filesharing services)


sakisafecli --server=http://server <file>

(for more info see -h)



Bitcoin: bc1qghl6f27dpgktynpvkrxte2s3gm9pcv8vlwuzum

Monero: 47QTumjtqJabbo1s9pLDdXeJarLVLfs1AaEcbi1xrEiV852mqcbe5AHLNXTk7tH9MscxcxQDfJQnvH5LpxvfgwSJQZ3zbS6