• 1.14 7e51e2a0ea

    Ghost released this 2018-03-04 13:36:06 +00:00 | 0 commits to release since this release


    • Ability to use multiple configs
    • Some bugs that hid somewhere and will be found later
    • Saving configurations in a subdirectory so there isn't need of a search everytime you want to change the port because you don't know how to.
    • Ask users if they want to go through the first setup or want to use the default configuration so they don't have to break the enter key everytime they want to use the default configuration.
    • Make sure you can put a thing in a room that at first exists, not just throw it in the void.


    • Some little bugs that made the users angry by not letting them start the launcher the first time!
    • Useless lines of code, made them shorter

    Intrested in joining the project?

    If you are interested in this project i currently need help for the following:

    Improving the base C# launcher
    Making a Visual C# app
    Making a configuration app for web, that could be used to create configs
    And some little other stuff that i would want until the 2.0 release.

    Contact me if you would want to help!

  • 1.12 aa3b47b1e2

    Ghost released this 2018-02-10 17:14:01 +00:00 | 24 commits to release since this release

    Many bugs fixed, eh...

    Fixed clutter, made more loops for saving settings
    Added easier value fixing
    Fixed Unturned not launching correctly after first setup