An alternative Minecraft server implementation built from scratch.
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A high performance Minecraft server implementation written in C.

Discord Server

Join the Discord server here.


  • Pure performance: minimum resource usage for a full Minecraft server implementation
  • Drop-in replacement: compatible with Spigot API plugins via JNI, standard Minecraft world format (Anvil)
  • Extensibility: ease of modification, large plugin API
  • Stability: use good C programming standards to prevent server-breaking bugs


Currently, version Minecraft 1.11.2 and 1.10.2 is supported. As of April 2019, this project is being refactored to meet higher standards of quality and stability. Feature development will resume afterwards, with Minecraft 1.14 support coming concurrently.


  • Low memory footprint (13 MB for a 400-chunk spawn and one player on a 64-bit system)
  • Block placing/breaking
  • Survival mode
  • Creative mode
  • Inventories
  • Players, Chat, and Tab menu
  • Item entities
  • Chests, Furnaces, Crafting
  • PvP
  • Fall damage
  • Block physics & updates
  • C plugin system
  • Block & sky lighting
  • Anvil world loading

Work In Progress

  • Mob AI
  • Spigot-mirrored Java plugin system
  • Command system
  • World generation
  • Anticheat


  • Protocol generator/export Minecraft protocol as a shared library for various versions
  • Natural mob spawning
  • Lua plugin system
  • Permission system
  • World saving

Maybe One Day

  • Forge mod analog API to allow server-side reimplementation of Java forge mods in C
  • Protocol compatibility layer to allow several versions of the game without a third party tool
  • Reverse proxy dimension/world sourcing


Basin uses cmake to build, install, and package.


  • avuna-util
  • OpenSSL
  • JNI (if Java plugin support is enabled)


mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
make -j 16


Within your build directory:

make clean


Within your build directory:

sudo make install


Within your build directory:

cpack --config ./CPackConfig.cmake

Running Basin

To run Basin, simply invoke the binary ./basin. Ensure that the binary is located with the relevant data files (the JSONs).