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drkhsh c919def84f More LICENSE updates 1 month ago
drkhsh 034c591a95 Revert "config.mk: Fix PREFIX assignment" 1 month ago
drkhsh 305aa5138a Update LICENSE 1 month ago
drkhsh 1ae616190c Update LICENSE 1 month ago
planet36 581d937e51 entropy: Use Unicode escape sequence in string 1 month ago
planet36 c225c43151 config.mk: Fix PREFIX assignment 1 month ago
planet36 984f45719e num_files: opendir() returns a directory stream 1 month ago
planet36 c432c981df Make LEN macro consistent with other suckless repos 1 month ago
planet36 87c3dd2c36 battery: Consistent naming for capacity percentage 1 month ago
planet36 d77f216fae Sort functions by name 1 month ago
planet36 40f13be551 uptime: Use sizeof instead of repeating the size 1 month ago
planet36 c75cb9ad7a keymap: Variable "layout" should be const 1 month ago
planet36 89f8476110 disk: Cast fsblkcnt_t to double instead of float 1 month ago
planet36 0e2ff8dc10 verr: Remove special "usage" case 1 month ago
planet36 e22d447684 config.def.h: Remove stray double quote in comment 1 month ago
drkhsh 173b03417d Update README 1 month ago
Patrick Iacob 982eb223a0 battery: Fix remaining on Linux 2 months ago
drkhsh 57c6e7340d New component: cat 2 months ago
drkhsh 4bd78c94ba README: Add note about FreeBSD sndio dep 3 months ago
drkhsh cce2e5ecb0 radical re-formatting 3/3: Error checks 3 months ago
drkhsh 3251e91187 radical re-formatting 2/3: Fix blocks 3 months ago
drkhsh 2104dc362c radical re-formatting 1/3: Fix spacing 3 months ago
drkhsh 0696635bcb radical re-formatting 0/3: Alphabetic headers 3 months ago
drkhsh 826a5dc862 ram: Refactor on OpenBSD 3 months ago
drkhsh d7ea986299 ram: Refactor Linux perc/used 3 months ago
drkhsh 3b86e4b5ef battery: Refactor remaining on OpenBSD 3 months ago
drkhsh 21327e0373 temp: Put sysctl into define to avoid line wraps 3 months ago
drkhsh 69b2487650 various: Put paths into defines to avoid line wraps 3 months ago
drkhsh c46c1487a9 separator: kill that useless thing 3 months ago
NRK 0c2b3e5b5c do not rely on obsolete feature 3 months ago
NRK 28ef0b242c components/*.c: include slstatus.h 3 months ago
Spenser Truex f29aa9ab06 Add 'Not charging' status support 3 months ago
drkhsh 0aacce1c52 Add comment about mixer oss module to README 3 months ago
drkhsh 1881569f6c Update LICENSE 3 months ago
Ingo Feinerer 3b699c127d Reset sndiod initialization flag on disconnects 3 months ago
michaelbuch12@gmail.com 798809ce02 Make volume component work on FreeBSD 3 months ago
michaelbuch12@gmail.com 77bfb76a97 Fix RAM component on FreeBSD 3 months ago
NRK 3c47701aea Fix keyboard_indicators() prototype 3 months ago
Aaron Marcher 84a2f117a3 Update README 2 years ago
Aaron Marcher ae8a658d0c Update LICENSE 2 years ago
Aaron Marcher dd5bfc3e51 Add comment for FreeBSD to config.mk 2 years ago
Ingo Feinerer 9ac721c23f Use the sioctl_open(3) OpenBSD API to access vol 2 years ago
Daniel Moch aaf279f6dd Add a -1 option flag 2 years ago
Mart Lubbers d1b23e5509 Handle SIGUSR1 for forced refreshes 2 years ago
dsp 3fc2872d1b Fix temperature reporting on OpenBSD 2 years ago
Cem Keylan 3ac985eb03 Full battery indicator 2 years ago
Ryan Kes 2b0f50d1aa Add separator module 2 years ago
Ingo Feinerer b14e039639 Follow International System of Units spacing rules 4 years ago
Aaron Marcher 93daf4f35e Add OS-support notice to README 4 years ago
Michael Buch a1ac203d16 Add ram and swap components on FreeBSD 4 years ago