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This is my website, which is hosted here.


There are two approaches

$ make # Build everything.


$ make demo # Builds everything with injected warning text.

Static site

$ make build

Web Pages

In the current iteration, to add a new page to the website create a raw/<file>.txt, this will generate an html file placed in site/<file>.html. For examples look inside raw/. This file uses a custom markup called skup (skiqqy markup) that has the following features.


Wrap text/skup/html in a block, please note the . that terminates the title as well as the EBLOCK that terminates the block.

SBLOCK. <Title>

This will generate html that looks something like the following.

|                                    |
|              <Title>               |
|                                    |
|         <text/skup/html>           |
|                                    |


To force a newline simply use \\ (just like LaTeX).

To add a link use

a/name.domain/<your link name>/

This will create a hyperlink with the text <your link name pointing to name.domain

Static Blog

The goal of this website is to serve 'static' content that gets updated through scripts, this is to reduce bloat, and to ensure a fast website. To create the 'full' website, it is important to first run,

$ make blog

as this will create blog posts from the files found in blogs/RawBlogs, and and setup all the links and stuff for them, these blog files are written with a custom markup lanuage with very simple markups, Currently there are the following:


Normal Text Goes Here.


Block Text Goes here.

(1) Will generate:

Normal Text Goes Here.

(2) Will generate:

|                          |
|   Block Text Goes Here   |
|                          |