google maps for block game

Updated 1 week ago

KAMI Blue: a continuation of KAMI

Updated 2 years ago

Free, lightweight, open-source Minecraft Forge client-side mod.

Updated 1 month ago

Yep, it's coming

Updated 5 days ago

EntityDB in JSON format

Updated 2 years ago

Learning go via the tour

Updated 2 years ago

Master repository for organizational purposes

Updated 2 years ago

A simple script to deduplicate CSS colors with similar colors found in a stylesheet and merge them in variables.

Updated 3 years ago

FFmpeg git repo

Updated 7 hours ago

Updated 3 years ago

Updated 10 months ago

Updated 3 years ago

A personal booru-style media tagger that can import files and tags from your hard drive and popular websites. Content can be shared with other users via user-run servers.

Updated 3 days ago

rspamd configuration for Ansible

Updated 3 years ago

A simple general I/O controller

Updated 3 years ago

OpenWRT branches i work with

Updated 2 months ago

dynamic window manager

Updated 1 day ago

The homepage of our community.

Updated 6 months ago

Alpine build tools

Updated 3 weeks ago

Official Tristan Language project compiler

Updated 3 weeks ago