18 Commits (master)

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Alex D. a91a6c4eac
Add back clang for cpp and add format options 8 months ago
Alex D. d2bfbd376a
Update submodules and add a few things 9 months ago
Alex D. 76cbc9bfe8
More intelligent clang_format and tweak stuff 9 months ago
Alex 7985cc44f9
Disable automatic formatting, auto compiles on less and add few langservers, change options and colorscheme 1 year ago
Alex 7de2d57f3e
Fix long-time hiding bug with quoting and spacing in options 1 year ago
Alex 27cfc128b0
Change theme back to normal and hide mode 1 year ago
Alex d3d77ed9de
Use actual commands and even cleverer tab and set some defaults 1 year ago
Alex 13471905c5
Use complete function in clever tab, disable longest 'cot' and re-enable autocomplete 1 year ago
Alex 327178aea4
Use specific tweaks for DWM setup 1 year ago
Alex eaf62aebfa
Add clang formatting, update listchars and change theme 1 year ago
Alex 3115b5a472
Ignore empty sections 2 years ago
Alex 01b7bc381a
Add tabline back 2 years ago
Alex e436bbdbef
Remove automatics trailing discards, add airline themes and remove leftover extensions loaders 2 years ago
caskd abc983f22b
Add language server support 2 years ago
caskd c4e2748675
Add smart tabs, shorten install command, restore clevertab 2 years ago
caskd 56cfad8ea0
Add smart tab, install, change colorscheme, netrw changes and some other options 2 years ago
caskd 25ede7e544
Add writing as sudo, trailing spaces removal, change colorscheme to default and some other options 2 years ago
caskd c3ce27a6c0
Add configurations including tabs, autocompletion and some helpers and styling 2 years ago