A Fediverse client for micro-blogging instances written in Flutter/Dart.
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A 快適 (kaiteki) Fediverse client for microblogging instances, made with Flutter and Dart.

Currently, Kaiteki is still in a proof-of-concept/alpha stage, with simple Mastodon/Pleroma and Misskey support, future backends could follow. See "What's working, what's missing?".


Screenshot of a Misskey feed inside Kaiteki on a phone Screenshot of an user inside Kaiteki on a tablet

Platforms & Releases

If you want to try out Kaiteki, there are automatic builds available for use.

Windows Linux Android macOS iOS
Binaries Visit web version Download latest binaries Download latest binaries Download latest APK Not supported.
Packages / Installers No reliable packaging yet.
Help us!

Help us package for more platforms!

What's working, what's missing?

Currently, Kaiteki only allows viewing timelines, making text posts and viewing users.

Most important API calls for Misskey, Mastodon/Pleroma are already implemented but need a UI implementation.

Other features that are missing are extensive settings, unit tests, and many other things. If you'd like to contribute, feel free to do so.

Compiling Kaiteki

Depending on your platform you might have to take extra steps. See this page for steps on compiling for desktop, and this page for steps on compiling for web.

flutter upgrade # upgrade flutter to its latest version
flutter pub get # get packages

# run
flutter run

# ... or compile a release build
flutter build apk --release
flutter build windows --release
flutter build linux --release
flutter build web --release