Minimal webserver
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How to build darkhttpd

Simply run make:
  $ make

How to run darkhttpd

Serve /var/www/htdocs on the default port (80 if running as root, else 8080):
  $ ./darkhttpd /var/www/htdocs

Serve ~/public_html on port 8081:
  $ ./darkhttpd ~/public_html --port 8081

Only bind to one IP address (useful on multi-homed systems):
  $ ./darkhttpd ~/public_html --addr

Serve at most 4 simultaneous connections:
  $ ./darkhttpd ~/public_html --maxconn 4

Log accesses to a file:
  $ ./darkhttpd ~/public_html --log access.log

Chroot for extra security (you need root privs for chroot):
  $ ./darkhttpd /var/www/htdocs --chroot

Use default.htm instead of index.html:
  $ ./darkhttpd /var/www/htdocs --index default.htm

Add mimetypes - in this case, serve .dat files as text/plain:
  $ cat extramime
  text/plain  dat
  $ ./darkhttpd /var/www/htdocs --mimetypes extramime

Drop privileges:
  $ ./darkhttpd /var/www/htdocs --uid www --gid www

Use acceptfilter (FreeBSD only):
  $ kldload accf_http
  $ ./darkhttpd /var/www/htdocs --accf

Run in the background and create a pidfile:
  $ ./darkhttpd /var/www/htdocs --pidfile /var/run/ --daemon

Web forward (301) requests for some hosts:
  $ ./darkhttpd /var/www/htdocs --forward \

Web forward (301) requests for all hosts:
  $ ./darkhttpd /var/www/htdocs --forward \

Commandline options can be combined:
  $ ./darkhttpd ~/public_html --port 8080 --addr

To see a full list of commandline options,
run darkhttpd without any arguments:
  $ ./darkhttpd

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