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Alex 8b5e919da2
Remove giving up on errors 1 year ago
Alex 7d59c25676
Completly skip cache with ranges, varnish is very retarded and cannot handle weird ranges which are totally reasonable 1 year ago
Alex 74cb825acb
Remove default CSPs, add proper caching to the homepage and remove grace cache serving 1 year ago
Alex 91028573d1
Let applications decide the hash, remove dupe checks and increase varnish limit 1 year ago
caskd cc1f1e1ad7
Add more advanced cache handling 1 year ago
caskd da7b5f3afe
Add PROXY support and pleroma frontend 1 year ago
caskd 009639e037
One time resolution and 5 second valid cache 1 year ago
caskd d26bcf6913
Accept IPv6 connections too 1 year ago
caskd eef7aff964
Remove extra anchor 1 year ago
caskd cbf5323901
Resources limitation 1 year ago
caskd ef38ec3e84
Round robin balancing, TLS 1.2 minimum, ignore down services and use tasks. dns name for direct endpoints rather than VIP 1 year ago
caskd 1f1685e457
No more discord and compression enabling 1 year ago
caskd 2f55568ed4
Remove nextcloud, adapt delays and add streaming 1 year ago
caskd f127005958
Per-host naming, priviledge dropping and connection accepting after first request 1 year ago
caskd 5c98ec0360
Change ratelimit, retry count and remove onlyoffice 1 year ago
caskd d7f3b4aa03
Drop priviledges 1 year ago
caskd 16f57df80f
Remove YAGPDB hosting, not hosting anymore 1 year ago
caskd f6babd2860
Add less strict header matching that matches any incoming ports 1 year ago
caskd fe001456b4
Change gitea domain, switch to let's encrypt and allow port 80 1 year ago
caskd c866a0c324
Add encryption and lower the cache while using docker's built in dns 1 year ago
caskd 868a4c2f10
Handle transmission redirect automatically 2 years ago
caskd e0e08e9c19
Remove useless acl 2 years ago
caskd a5911a3762
Add httpd seedbox server 2 years ago
caskd f0f62d0161
Offload compression (#1) 2 years ago
caskd da1e615efd
Disable nextcloud checks until alternative is found 2 years ago
caskd 6f7e2a1a23
Disable nextcloud dav caching 2 years ago
caskd 9d103da732
Drop ZNC support and remove old refferences to port 2096 2 years ago
caskd 5ca40acfd2
Allow inline scripts for Gitea to render heatmaps and extra stuff 2 years ago
caskd 3b8f4346be
Add TLS termination point and varnish for quicker responses 2 years ago
caskd 310d4756c4
Allow connections to media sources for Git 2 years ago
caskd 7a75032f34
Initial commit 2 years ago