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.Dd 2015-10-25
.Dt OD 1
.Os sbase
.Nm od
.Nd octal dump
.Op Fl bdosvx
.Op Fl A Ar addrformat
.Op Fl E | e
.Op Fl j Ar skip
.Op Fl t Ar outputformat...
.Op Ar file ...
writes an octal dump of each
.Ar file
to stdout.
If no
.Ar file
is given
reads from stdin.
.Bl -tag -width Ds
.It Fl A Ar addressformat
.Ar addressformat
is one of d|o|x|n and sets the address to be
either in \fId\fRecimal, \fIo\fRctal, he\fIx\fRadecimal or \fIn\fRot
printed at all.
The default is octal.
.It Fl E | e
Force Little Endian
.Fl ( e )
or Big Endian
.Fl ( E )
.It Fl b
Equivalent to
.Fl t o1 .
.It Fl d
Equivalent to
.Fl t u2 .
.It Fl j Ar skip
Ignore the first
.Ar skip
bytes of input.
.It Fl o
Equivalent to
.Fl t o2 .
.It Fl s
Equivalent to
.Fl t d2 .
.It Fl t Ar outputformat
.Ar outputformat
is a list of a|c|d|o|u|x followed by a digit or C|S|I|L and sets
the content to be in n\fIa\fRmed character, \fIc\fRharacter, signed
\fId\fRecimal, \fIo\fRctal, \fIu\fRnsigned decimal, or
he\fIx\fRadecimal format, processing the given amount of bytes or the length
of \fIC\fRhar, \fIS\fRhort, \fII\fRnteger or \fIL\fRong.
The default is octal with 4 bytes.
.It Fl v
Always set.
Write all input data, including duplicate lines.
.It Fl x
Equivalent to
.Fl t x2 .
utility is compliant with the
.St -p1003.1-2013
specification except that the
.Op Fl v
flag is always enabled and the 'd' parameter for the
.Op Fl t
flag is interpreted as 'u'.
.Op Ee
flags are an extension to that specification.