ZSH completions i have written

Updated 8 months ago

Dockerfile 0 0

Our service definitions for the Zeronet stack

Updated 1 year ago

A Chrome extension that demonstrates bypassing Widevine L3 DRM

Updated 9 months ago

Vim script 0 0

My VIM configuration files and deps

Updated 7 months ago

suckless linux base utils

Updated 3 years ago

[UNDER HEAVY DEVELOPMENT] High performance, simple IRC bouncer

Updated 7 months ago

[UNDER HEAVY DEVELOPMENT] Simple and lightweight IRC protocol helper

Updated 5 months ago

Tag-based asynchronous messaging framework

Updated 2 weeks ago

Dockerfile 0 0

Service configuration files for Tor

Updated 1 year ago

A unfinished tdesktop fork with a cleaner build template

Updated 6 months ago

Telegram Desktop messaging app

Updated 19 hours ago

Code i wrote when trying to create a implementation of a line buffer in C.

Updated 2 years ago

SystemD services for my device(s)

Updated 1 year ago

One package manager to rule them all! Mirrored from novaburst-dev@codeberg

Updated 2 months ago

simple virtual keyboard

Updated 2 months ago

Modded svkbd to be optimized for the day-to-day mobile user and power user

Updated 10 months ago

surf browser, a WebKit based browser

Updated 2 months ago

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Service configuration files for a multi-protocol storage server

Updated 1 year ago

simple terminal

Updated 4 weeks ago

Simple Terminal with a few patches

Updated 11 months ago