Free, lightweight, open-source Minecraft Forge client-side mod.

Updated 6 months ago

Minimal webserver

Updated 1 year ago

Updated 3 days ago

FFmpeg git repo

Updated 5 hours ago

Updated 1 month ago

Dependency Solver

Updated 5 days ago

EntityDB in JSON format

Updated 12 months ago

Dockerfile 0 0

Service definitions for the DNS stack.

Updated 2 years ago

caskd / USL
C# 0 0

An Unturned Server Launcher mainly written in C#.

Updated 3 years ago

Just a simple script to plot queue data from

Updated 2 years ago

Shell 0 0

The firewall rules for our server cluster

Updated 2 years ago

Aoi's cross-protocol blog

Updated 3 months ago

Dockerfile 0 0

Our service definitions for the Zeronet stack

Updated 2 years ago

The homepage of our community.

Updated 3 months ago

Vim script 0 0

My VIM configuration files and deps

Updated 2 weeks ago

My personal aerc configuration.

Updated 1 year ago

Documentation used for generating the website

Updated 1 year ago

My configurations for system options (sysctl.d)

Updated 2 years ago

Copy of the main nvidia config because documentation lacks and configuration sucks

Updated 2 years ago

JavaScript 0 0

Mirror of The Great Cloudwall / Stop Cloudflare / #deCloudflare #Crimeflare

Updated 1 hour ago