My yearly (probably) AoC progress.

Updated 1 year ago

Audio fingerprint pages filter list

Updated 2 years ago

Canvas fingerprinting pages filter list

Updated 6 months ago

A Minecraft cheat that runs as a Forge mod.

Updated 3 weeks ago

The Garry's Mod loading screen for the server

Updated 8 months ago

The homepage of our community.

Updated 2 weeks ago

RedXen / LXC-Migration Archived
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Plans and data for the LXC migration

Updated 11 months ago

A free mixin-based injection hacked-client for Minecraft using Minecraft Forge.

Updated 2 days ago

RedXen / Manager Archived
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A script that automates most of the management around our servers

Updated 1 year ago

RedXen / MastodonTheme Archived
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The mastodon theme we have created

Updated 1 year ago

A MC clone in C, protocol-compatible with 1.9.4

Updated 4 years ago

RedXen / PterodactylTheme Archived
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The theme we have created for our Pterodactyl panel.

Updated 1 year ago

A simple general I/O controller

Updated 6 months ago

caskd / USL Archived
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An Unturned Server Launcher mainly written in C#.

Updated 1 year ago

All your base are belong to us!

Updated 6 months ago

My ZSH config

Updated 1 month ago

Alpine build tools

Updated 2 weeks ago

Repository containing APKBUILD files for creating Alpine Linux packages.

Updated 2 weeks ago

Updated 2 months ago

RedXen / ansible Archived
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[WIP] Master repo for all Ansible roles and nodes

Updated 6 months ago