google maps for block game
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A Minecraft pathfinder bot.

Baritone is the pathfinding system used in Impact since 4.4. Here's a (very old!) video I made showing off what it can do.

Baritone Discord Server

Quick download links:

Forge Fabric
1.12.2 Forge
1.16.5 Forge 1.16.5 Fabric
1.17.1 Forge 1.17.1 Fabric
1.18.2 Forge 1.18.2 Fabric
1.19.3 Forge 1.19.3 Fabric
1.19.4 Fabric

How to immediately get started: Type #goto 1000 500 in chat to go to x=1000 z=500. Type #mine diamond_ore to mine diamond ore. Type #stop to stop. For more, read the usage page and/or watch this tutorial playlist

For other versions of Minecraft or more complicated situations or for development, see Installation & setup. Also consider just installing Impact, which comes with Baritone and is easier to install than wrangling with version JSONs and zips. For 1.16.5, click here and see description. Once Baritone is installed, look here for instructions on how to use it. There's a showcase video made by @Adovin#6313 on Baritone which I recommend.

This project is an updated version of MineBot, the original version of the bot for Minecraft 1.8.9, rebuilt for 1.12.2 onwards. Baritone focuses on reliability and particularly performance (it's over 30x faster than MineBot at calculating paths).

Have committed at least once a day from Aug 1, 2018, to Aug 1, 2019.


Getting Started

Here are some links to help to get started:

Stars over time

Stargazers over time


The API is heavily documented, you can find the Javadocs for the latest release here. Please note that usage of anything located outside of the baritone.api package is not supported by the API release jar.

Below is an example of basic usage for changing some settings, and then pathing to an X/Z goal.

BaritoneAPI.getSettings().allowSprint.value = true;
BaritoneAPI.getSettings().primaryTimeoutMS.value = 2000L;

BaritoneAPI.getProvider().getPrimaryBaritone().getCustomGoalProcess().setGoalAndPath(new GoalXZ(10000, 20000));


Can I use Baritone as a library in my custom utility client?

That's what it's for, sure! (As long as usage complies with the LGPL 3.0 License)

How is it so fast?

Magic. (Hours of leijurv enduring excruciating pain)

Additional Special Thanks To:


YourKit supports open source projects with innovative and intelligent tools for monitoring and profiling Java and .NET applications.

YourKit is the creator of the YourKit Java Profiler, YourKit .NET Profiler, and YourKit YouMonitor.

We thank them for granting Baritone an OSS license so that we can make our software the best it can be.

Why is it called Baritone?

It's named for FitMC's deep sultry voice.